Postmortem/Postpartum: The Intersection Between Fertility and Mochican Ancestral Power

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Masters Research Paper

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Art & Art History

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Annabeth Headrick

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Scott Montgomery


Mochica Indians, Indians of South America, Antiquities, Indian art, Peru, Mochica art, Mochica pottery


With no written record, the religious beliefs of the Pre-Columbian Mochica civilization are much of a mystery. This paper attempts to decipher the position of the deceased Mochicans, also known as ancestors, within the society as a whole. It discusses the ways in which we can use multiple sources of information, archaeological, iconographic, ethnohistoric and ethnographic to learn about the various aspects of Mochican culture. Specifically I will use these methods for collecting data to examine at how the Mochica viewed their deceased and to argue that part of the Mochica religious system granted their dead a supernatural ability to control human and agricultural fertility. This power would give Mochican ancestors a significant place within the society.


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