Scholarship created by the faculty of the University of Denver's Department of Business Information and Analytics.


Submissions from 2018

A Data Mining Approach to Estimating Rooftop Photovoltaic Potential in the US, Caleb Phillips, Ryan Elmore, Jenny Melius, Pieter Gagnon, and Robert Margolis

Submissions from 2017

Prediction and Characterization of Application Power Use in a High-performance Computing Environment, Bruce Bugbee, Caleb Phillips, Hilary Egan, Ryan Elmore, Kenny Gruchalla, and Avi Purkayastha

Normal Probability Plots with Confidence for the Residuals in Linear regression, W. Chantarangsi, W. Liu, F. Bretz, S. Kiatsupaibul, and Anthony J. Hayter

Confidence Sets and Confidence Bands for a Beta Distribution with Applications to Credit Risk Management, Seksan Kiatsupaibul, Anthony J. Hayter, and Sarunya Somsong

Submissions from 2016

Towards Better Help Desk Planning: Predicting Incidents and Required Effort, Anneliese Amschler Andrews, Philip Beaver, and Joseph Lucente