Back in Blue: The Successful Reintegration of Combat Veteran Law Enforcement Officers.


Shawn Knadler

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Doctoral Capstone

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Shelly Smith-Acuna

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Judith E. Fox

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John Nicoletti


Veterans; Treatment Manual; Behavior/CBT; Training Manual; Trauma; PTSD; Adjustment; Mental Health; Police; Cops; Reintegration; Law Enforcement


In the past ten plus years, several million national guard and reserve component military personnel have been deployed in support of the global war on terrorism. Tens of thousands of those personnel also serve as full-time law enforcement officers in police and sheriff's offices around the country. Life as a law enforcement officer is tough enough, but when combined with the psychological baggage brought on by months of war, reintegrating into civilian life and the role of a law enforcement officer can be extremely difficult. This article discusses a reintegration program specifically for law enforcement agencies that is designed to promote long-term psychological and social health in combat veteran officers. The program's costs are offset by the many assets (leadership, tactical training, etc.) these men and women bring to the department. By committing to the long-term successful reintegration of these individuals, departments enhance their own forces and improve community safety.


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