Exploring Developmental Experiences in Youth Sport Organizations Related to Social Responsibility

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Artur Poczwardowski

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Shane Saenz


Involvement, Organized youth sports, Social responsibility, Interpersonal relationships, Teamwork, Social Skills

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This study evaluated aspects of participants’ involvement in organized youth sports and how they relate to experiences of learned social responsibility. A sample of 122 individuals completed the Youth Experience Survey, Version 2.0. Findings indicated that participants who reported experiences related to leadership, giving and receiving feedback, and feeling connected to the community through their sport were more likely to have more positive experiences related to their Interpersonal Relationships. Aspects of Teamwork and Social Skills were predictive of levels of Interpersonal Relationships and accounted for 53.2% of the variance. Aspects of Adult Networks and Social Capital accounted for 6% of the variance. Taken together, we suggest that organized youth sport programs that emphasize Teamwork and Social Skills may be more successful in promoting prosocial values.


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