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Doctoral Capstone

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Fernand Lubuguin

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Nicole Taylor

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Peter Silvestri


LGBQ students, accredited graduate psychology programs, graduate students, diversity training course, microaggressions


The focus of this study is to examine the difficult situations experience as they complete a training course on LGBTQ issues at a predominantly non-LGBQ doctoral-level psychology program. Questions have arisen over the use of a diversity training course in preparing graduate students for their future as psychologists. Since diversity training courses are currently mandatory for APA accredited graduate psychology programs and are the primary means of training students for treating a diverse array of clients, it is important to ensure that these courses are effective for all graduate students. The purpose of this pilot study is to acquire information concerning the experience of LGBQ graduate psychology students who completed the LGBTQ diversity training course in a clinical psychology doctoral training program. The study focuses on understanding the pitfalls and highlights of the course from the point of view of the LGBQ students who have taken them. Results indicated several themes, including: experiencing concern about representativeness and peer growth; feeling emotionally activated; experiencing ; experiencing in-group bonding; personal validation; gaining knowledge from the LGBTQ diversity training; and not gaining new knowledge from the LGBTQ diversity training. This research study has implications for addressing the current critiques of diversity training for diverse students, improving LGBTQ training courses, and informing efforts within the mental health community to address disparities in training. Lastly, recommendations for training programs and supervisors are also provided.


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