Using an Innovative Digital Platform to Assess the Mental Health Needs of a General University Student Population

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Doctoral Research Paper

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Jennifer Erickson Cornish, Ph.D., ABPP

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Laura Meyer, Ph.D.

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Nathaan Demers, Psy.D.


Mental health, University students

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Throughout the United States, concerns related to depression and anxiety are the two predominant mental health issues facing college students. To date, most studies among college age students are heavily predicated on clinical student populations (i.e., those individuals who seek counseling services); thus, there exists a paucity of research on general student populations. This can be problematic, as the clinical population may not be representative of the general student population, especially given that minority students tend to use services at a lower rate due to public stigma, self-stigma, or feelings of shame. The current study was one of the first to examine the general population by analyzing data collected from an online student well-being platform (i.e., “Platform”). Additionally, we sought to understand the use of online platforms by demographic groups that traditionally avoid clinical services at university counseling centers (UCCs), such as minority students.


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Empirical - Quantitative

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