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John McNeill, Psy.D.

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Lorrie Hart, Ph.D.


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As an early career clinician in a fast-paced field that is dedicated to working with others, saving time and energy where possible is invaluable. When I first started working with children, I was overwhelmed by the amount of time I was having to dedicate to research to find reputable resources to use in my clinical settings. I realized so much of my time and energy was going towards this research that by the time I entered the therapy room with my clients I was tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed by the lack of easily accessible resources. After working with and learning from so many experienced psychologists I was inspired to create a compendium of child treatment resources that collaborates and consolidates years of experience, clinical work, and expertise into one readily accessible guidebook, the Clinician’s Resource Guide (CRG). The CRG aims to help new clinicians quickly and easily access and obtain resources when providing services to children.


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