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Doctoral Research Paper

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Tracy Moran Vozar, Ph.D.

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Aubrey Austin, Ph.D.

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Ambra Born, Psy.D.

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Hetty Pazos, Psy.D.


Family therapy, Complex trauma, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Multi-family group, Group therapy

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This paper presents evidence that supports the need to create and implement a trauma-focused multi-family group curriculum. The introduction provides a broad definition of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well as a definition of complex trauma. The paper also reviews research for trauma-specific evidence-based interventions for individual, group, and multi-family group psychotherapy. A curriculum that involves multi-family support, family therapy, age-specific group treatment, and individual therapy is presented. In addition, limitations and future and multicultural considerations are discussed.


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