Voices of Inclusion: Proposing Photovoice Methodology to Evaluate Shared Medical Appointments for Diabetes Management with Latinx Populations

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Doctoral Research Paper

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Henrietta Pazos, Psy.D.

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Laura Meyer, Ph.D.

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Jonathan Muther, Ph.D.


Community-based participatory research, Culturally and linguistically responsive intervention, Latinx psychology, First generation Latinx, Population health, Integrated care, Shared medical appointments, Determinants of health, Photovoice, Diabetes management

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This paper proposes using photovoice methodology to assess the experiences of first-generation Latinx individuals with Type 2 diabetes in shared medical appointments (SMAs). Specifically, this paper seeks to understand the utility of SMAs as a culturally responsive treatment model, with the goal of improving population health. The first half of this paper provides a literature review on the existing research and makes a case for the utility of SMAs as an alternative to traditional appointments. The second half of this paper proposes a conceptual methodology for using photovoice to gather qualitative data on Latinx populations in SMAs. The goal of this proposed methodology is threefold: 1.) to gather data regarding the values, strengths, and needs of first-generation Spanish-speaking patients with Type 2 diabetes; 2.) to understand their experience of SMAs in managing their diabetes; and 3.) to create an empowering space for dialogue between patients, behavioral health and medical providers regarding the creation of culturally responsive treatment curriculums. This research methodology was proposed for implementation at Salud Family Health Centers, a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) located in north and southeast Colorado and can be modified to be implemented across integrated primary care (IPC) settings.


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