Contributing to Psychological Test Development: Collection and Presentation of Normative Data on the Denver Attention Test

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Doctoral Research Paper

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Hale Martin, Ph.D.

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Nicole Taylor, Ph.D.

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Kevin J. Reilly, Psy.D.


Performance validity, Neuropsychological testing, Test development, Normative data, Control group study, Research conference presentation

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This paper presents a description and analysis of a unique contribution to the development of a new computerized performance validity test (PVT) called the Denver Attention Test (DAT). An included literature review discusses the importance of PVTs and the need for time-efficient, computerized versions that can be easily incorporated into existing psychological assessment batteries. The collection of normative data on a control group served as an important step in establishing test cutoff scores for defining negative response bias/poor effort and advancing the test’s utility with clinical populations. This preliminary data collection and analysis indicated that the DAT is an effective measure of performance validity, and offered solid evidence to suggest that this measure could be developed for additional work with clinical populations. The results of this data collection were also shared with the larger community via conference presentations and peer-reviewed publications. This paper will discuss the progressive stages of involvement in this project and will provide a comprehensive overview of this contribution to the DAT’s development and exhibition to the wider community. It will especially highlight the effect that participating in this project had on my doctoral studies, clinical interests, and future career path.


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