Feminist Supervision: A Proposal for Peer Supervision Training Through the Feminist Lens

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Doctoral Research Paper

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Nicole Taylor, Ph.D.

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Henrietta "Hetty" Pazos, Psy.D.

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Mimiko Watanabe, Psy.D.


Supervision, Training, Feminist psychotherapy, Feminist model of supervision, Peer supervision

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Supervision plays an integral role in the training of psychologists and accounts for one of the primary duties of psychologists throughout their career. Despite supervision remaining one of the primary responsibilities of working psychologists and one of the most important aspects in providing support and education to psychologists in training, limited education and training on supervision exists. Furthermore, in the rare instances when psychologists are provided with training on supervision, explicit instruction in specific supervision models is lacking. The field of psychology has recognized this need; however, the assumption remains that once someone becomes an expert therapist, they are able to be effective supervisors. This paper explores the current gaps in psychology graduate training programs on the essentials of supervision. Specifically, this paper explores the application of feminist psychotherapy and the feminist model of supervision among a group of graduate students. By using the feedback collected from this peer supervision group, this paper concludes with a guide for implementing peer supervision using the feminist model of supervision. This curriculum provides guidance to student supervisors on developing empowering and competent supervisory relationships with their peers.


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Empirical - Qualitative

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