Moved By Love: A Love Letter to the Western World

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Erica Adkins

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Mallaree Blake

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Carrie Landin


Intergenerational trauma, Evolutionary psychology, Attachment, Decolonizing psychology


This research examines the new concept of Kama Muta suggesting that human beings possess an inherent predisposition towards relationships, connections, and vulnerability. It explores the profound impacts of intergenerational trauma, patriarchy, misogyny, and various systemic "isms" on the Western world's societal fabric. By examining historical events such as the Black Plague and its lingering trauma, the research aims to unveil unresolved wounds that have catalyzed global colonization.

Drawing insights from scholars like Michel Foucault, Albert Memmi and Frantz Fanon, as well as integrating wisdoms from indigenous studies, developmental psychology, and theology, the research underscores the pervasive influence of unhealed traumas in spawning constructs like racism, sexism, and various forms of capitalism and relational violence. It examines the Western world's struggle to acknowledge the humanity of marginalized communities, notably people of color, amidst phenomena like mass incarceration, environmental degradation, and uncontrolled individualism.

Through an interdisciplinary lens embracing evolutionary psychology, attachment theory, polyvagal theory, and indigenous psychology, the research advocates for a paradigm shift towards nurturing relationships, community care, and interconnectedness. By introducing honest dialogue about humanity's evolutionary arc while simultaneously dismantling sanitized views of modern civilization, a critical inquiry ensues on reconstructing societal frameworks to combat racism, sexism, capitalism, homophobia, religious biases, and discrimination.

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