Across Borders and Cultures: Examining Sense of Belonging and Empathetic Attitudes in Adult Third Culture Kids

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Adult third culture kids (ATCKs), Empathy, Belonging, COVID-19 pandemic, Therapy


Adult Third Culture Kids (ATCKs), with complex cultural identities shaped by a childhood traversing the globe, faced unprecedented challenges with the onset of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. This paper examines the intersection of empathy and belonging among ATCKs post-pandemic. The study uses qualitative research methods to explore their sense of belonging and empathetic attitudes amid transcultural experiences, investigating the pandemic's impact on their connections with surrounding cultures and networks. Common themes emerged in the 'Sense of Belonging' category, such as 'Collective,' 'Fitting In,' 'Memories of Other Countries,' 'Open Dialogue,' 'Perpetual Foreigner,' 'Reclaiming Culture,' and 'Relationship with Other TCKs/ATCKs.' In the 'Empathetic Attitudes' category, themes included 'Assimilation,' 'Flexibility and Adaptability,' 'Engaging in Homogenous Practices,' 'Mislabeled and Misunderstood,' 'Perspective Taking,' and 'Reconciling Cultural Differences.' The 'COVID-19' category revealed significant themes like 'Hate Crimes,' 'Isolation,' 'Longing for Connections,' and 'Negotiating Belongingness.' Lastly, discussions exploring the 'Therapy Needs' category were centered on 'Intake Procedures' and 'Layers of Identity Composition.' These findings underscore ATCKs' resilience in navigating post-COVID-19 realities and highlight ongoing challenges in reconciling their identities and fostering belonging in a changing global landscape. The study concludes with implications for psychological interventions aimed at promoting the well-being of ATCKs post-COVID-19.

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