The Utility of Therapeutic Assessment Style Fables During the Termination Stage of Psychotherapy


Chelsea Spiro

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Termination, Therapeutic assessment, fables, therapeutic relationship

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Stories, fables, and myths have been used for a long time in human history. They serve as a way for cultures and people to communicate, preserve important cultural values, and create meaning. The use of narratives has been recognized as a helpful technique in the field of psychology and can be found in many orientations and intervention techniques (Dwivedi, 2006; Roberts, 2000). Narrative therapy, bibliotherapy, trauma narratives, and Therapeutic Assessment (TA) are some of the areas in which the benefits of using written stories are incorporated into work with clients. In this paper, the clinical utility of using Therapeutic Assessment style fables in the termination phase of psychotherapy is explored. The termination phase is a challenging time for both therapists and clients. The use of rituals in the process of termination has been found to have a positive impact on the experience (Gutheil, 1993). This paper presents several case studies and examines the subsequent impact and clinical benefits of using termination fables in psychotherapy.


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