International Student-Athlete Transition into Collegiate Sport in the United States

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Artur Poczwardowski

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Courtney Welton-Mitchell

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Eric Moody


Researchers have thoroughly explored athletic career transition, specifically focusing on frequent physical and psychological difficulties, barriers, and influences on performance (Lee & Opio, 2011; Pierce, Popp, & Meadows, 2011; Stambulova, Franck, & Weibull, 2012). This study examined the perceptions of the types of resources, trainings, and interventions that seemed most helpful for international student-athletes (ISA) transitioning into collegiate sport in the United States (US) as reported by five NCAA Division I athletes and two NCAA Division I coaches. Five athletes (three females and two males; from 4 different countries) and two male coaches participated in individual interviews. Qualitative findings indicated the following themes as central to the experience of an international student athlete transitioning to compete in the US: supportive resources, coping process, adjustment to academics, adjusting to team, adjustment to culture, environmental differences, and preparation prior to transition.


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