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Environmentally persistent free radicals (EPFR) are an emerging pollutant found in soot particles. Understanding how these change as they move through the atmosphere is important to human health. Here, soot was generated in the laboratory and exposed to simulated sunlight. The concentrations and characteristics of EPFR in the soot was recorded. Additionally, formation of hydroxyl radical from the photoactivated soot was measured.


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Additional notes on the raw data files:

The .DTA files require the Bruker software to open.
Use the same-named .DSC and .DTA files to open with the MATLAB easyspin package..
The .DSC files can be opened as a text file and contain the EPR parameters that were used for the data collection.
The same-named .txt files are the x-y coordinates of the EPR spectra.

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Soot Data

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Soot FT-IR