Increasingly, libraries are moved to seek partnerships with other libraries, with other organizations in the information and technology fields, with other entities in our institutions, and with other groups and enterprises in our communities. While partnerships of all sorts have had a long history in the field of librarianship, today, as never before, there is greater urgency to develop and exploit library partnerships, and to think widely and creatively on new types of, and potentials for, partnerships.

Current Issue: Volume 13, Issue 1 (2022) Issue 1



A New Season: Announcement of Special Issue and Publication Changes
Chris Robinson-Nkongola and Carrie L. Forbes


From the Field


Library Community Collective: Advocating for Social Justice through Community Conversations
Leatrice Goodson, Alanna Aiko Moore, Lia Friedman, Philippe Robles-Fradet, and Rachel Almodovar


Ethical and Anti-Oppressive Metadata: A Collaboration Between Catalogers and Archivists at George Mason University Libraries
Liz Beckman, Lynn Eaton, Yoko Ferguson, David Heilbrun, Rachel Lavender, Tricia Mackenzie, and Dorothee Schubel

Peer Reviewed Articles


Tackling Organizational Equity at Scale, An Academic Library Consortium Responds
Kim Armstrong, Gayle O'Hara, Josie Ragolia, and Sarah B. Watstein