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EAST by Northeast


The Eastern Academic Scholars’ Trust (EAST) is a shared print initiative involving 48 libraries across the Northeast. Initiated in 2012 with a planning grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, EAST addresses directly the growing need for academic libraries to ensure that monographs and journals of scholarly value are not inadvertently discarded as they undertake weeding and deselection programs to free up space for other library services. EAST is currently completing a large-scale analysis of collections across 40 of the participating libraries. This analysis will provide insight into both uniqueness and overlap across the libraries’ holdings and will result in agreements by the libraries to retain circulating monographs in their local collections for an agreed upon time period and to make those materials available to researchers and scholars from other EAST libraries. In parallel to this collection analysis, EAST is implementing validation sampling across the libraries to better understand volume availability and condition and the role they may plan in retention decisions. The project team has developed an innovative sampling methodology and tools to support the study. As the largest shared print initiative to date, this project will secure a substantial portion of the scholarly record that is held in the Northeast and positions EAST as an important component of the growing network of shared print initiatives nationally.