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Religious and Theological Studies

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Theodore M. Vial, Jr., Ph.D.

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AnaLouise Keating, Ph.D.


Becoming, Bodies, Gloria Anzaldúa, New materialism, Philosophy of religion, Theology


This project weaves together the theoretically rich and diverse work of ancient materialist philosophers, modern philosophy which advanced a theory of monism, and contemporary philosophies that further extends monism into new terrain, including 'new materialism.' While monism is a strand of this project, the core features of this project are materiality and bodies; these two concepts create the particular entanglement and central thrust of this project, which is becoming. While this project is conceptually organized around matter and bodies, and a particular notion of becoming traced from ancient through contemporary thought, this project, also, introduces the importance of Gloria Anzaldúa as a philosophical thinker whose writing is theoretically rich with concepts of matter and becoming. Using the body, broadly construed, as the framework for which both matter and becoming are mobilized, this project further complexifies the material entanglement of becoming by suggesting a never-receding horizon of becoming through the language of interconnectedness, which is the precise metaphysics that is advanced by Gloria Anzaldúa. Framed by the entanglement of ontology, epistemology, and ethics, this project privileges a queer strategy in dismantling the hegemonic interpretation of matter and bodies by suggesting an Anzaldúan turn through the replacement of interrelatedness.

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Theology, Philosophy of Religion, LGBTQ Studies