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Digital Media Studies

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Adrienne Russell, Ph.D.

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Lynn Schofield Clark

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Timothy Weaver

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Laleh Mehran

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Nader Hashemi


Collaborative art, Intercultural art, Iran, Telecommunication art, Telepresence art, United States



IRUS is both a research project and art exhibition that form and analyze cultural exchange. Using art that is developed dialogically and collaboratively between Iranian and American artists, the project employs digital media and the traditional mailing system to create an intercultural exhibition.

The exhibition (March 21st, 2009) brings together two teams of artists, one in Tehran and another in Denver, that have assembled under one name: IRUS (Iran - United States), and collaborate under a common theme: dialogue. Both teams consist of artists proficient in various media.

The research will document, and analyze the dialogue process through the lens of concepts involved in the exhibition and will provide insight into how a dialogue between individuals of these two teams formed. It will also address and question to what extent collaborative art projects between cultures help participant gain a better understanding of each other? To what extent can digital media and telepresence art be used as a bridge in bringing together such collaborations considering the limitations of the Internet in Iran, the differences in access, speed, and language proficiency that shape mediated interactions, and the limiting system of the post office in both countries?

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