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Curriculum and Instruction

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Garrett Roberts

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Rashida Banerjee

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Jesse Owen

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Kimberly Schmidt


Reading, Elementary education, English as a second language


While there is a strong literature base demonstrating the importance of early literacy interventions for monolingual learners at-risk for reading difficulties, little research exists on how to effectively support the literacy needs and language assets of emergent bilinguals. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of an evidence-based reading intervention with a translanguaging component, on vocabulary outcomes for first grade emergent bilinguals. By utilizing an alternating treatment single case design with two conditions, this project aimed to address the following research questions: Is there a functional relationship between an evidence-based reading intervention with a translanguaging component compared to an evidence-based reading intervention without a translanguaging component on vocabulary outcomes? How do 1st grade emergent bilinguals perceive the inclusion of translanguaging practices within an evidence-based reading intervention? Participants included four, first grade emergent bilinguals whose home languages were Spanish or Vietnamese, and who resided in an urban elementary school within the Western United States. Visual analysis was used to determine whether there was a functional relationship between the translanguaging literacy intervention and the outcome, while social validity surveys were used to understand the participants’ experiences using translanguaging within an evidence-based reading intervention. While this study did not demonstrate a functional relation between translanguaging components and improved vocabulary outcomes, implications demonstrate a need for further research in how to utilize language assets while supporting the literacy needs of emergent bilinguals who are at-risk for reading difficulties.

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Reading instruction, Elementary education, English as a second language

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