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Higher Education

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Cecilia M. Orphan

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Lisa M. Martinez

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Judy M. Kiyama

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Laura E. Sponsler


Civic engagement, Hispanic-serving institutions, Latino cultural citizenship, Latinx students, Photovoice, Postcritical ethnography


Situated at a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI), this postcritical ethnographic and photovoice study sought to explore how Latinx students define and practice civic engagement. Theoretically framed by Latino Cultural Citizenship (LCC), the study explored how current Latinx student civic engagement practices inform a Hispanic-Serving Institutions’ civic engagement efforts. Data collection took place over the 2021-2022 academic year and an exhibition of the study’s findings was made publicly available at the culmination of the study. Findings from the study indicate that Latinx postsecondary students define civic engagement as knowledge and resource sharing (KRS) and achieving success. Findings for how Latinx postsecondary students practice civic engagement include interrelational engagement and intergenerational paving – two activities that are informed by Latinxs’ collectivist culture. Findings indicate that Latinx identity has a major impact on the civic engagement behaviors and activities of Latinx postsecondary students. The study also introduces research, theoretical, practice, and policy recommendations to university leadership and administrators on how institutions, specifically HSIs, can better support the civic engagement efforts of their Latinx students that move an institution from Hispanic enrolling to Hispanic-serving.

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Higher education, Ethnic studies, Public policy