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Masters Thesis

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College of Natual Science and Mathematics

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Donald H. Stedman, Ph.D.

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Andrei Kutateladze

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Gareth Eaton

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Susan Sadler


Electronic tailpipe particle sensor, Particle matter, Remote sensing detector


Particle emissions from Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicles (HDDVs) are currently measured by opacity or dynamometer gravimetric analysis. The Electronic Tailpipe Particle Sensor (ETaPS) is an inexpensive measurement device purported to give real time response to particle mass and was proposed as a possible addition to Inspection/Maintenance (I/M) programs. There were three goals to this study. The first was to verify ETaPS response to particle mass of HDDV exhaust. Integrated ETaPS signal was plotted against filter weight from dynamometer gravimetric analysis and a correlation was found. The second goal was to find a correlation between ETaPS readings and the Remote Sensing Detector (RSD). These tests were invalidated due to interference from power lines greatly affecting the ETaPS signal. The final goal was to find a relationship between the RSD and the dynamometer gravimetric analysis. Comparisons were made from averaged RSD smoke data, and averaged gravimetric data for each HDDV undergoing both tests. A measurable difference was found for RSD smoke readings between Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) equipped vs. non-DPF and DPF bypassed HDDVs.

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Analytical chemistry