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Quantitative Research Methods

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Kathy E. Green, Ph.D.

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Cynthia Hazel

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Laurie Bennett

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Frédérique Chevillot


Bullying, Measurement, Power imbalance, Psychometrics, Rasch modeling, Victimization


The empirical study of the power imbalance in the bully/victim relationship has impeded research synthesis, and the need for a quantitative measure of this key component has been well established in the literature. Lack of differentiation between victimization with and without power imbalance has been cited as a possible cause for imprecise measurement. Increased precision in bully victimization measurement is needed to accurately inform research investigating psychosocial health, treatment and positive outcomes, in addition to prevention and intervention programs. Therefore, the purpose of this dissertation was the initial development and validation of the Bully/Victim Power Inventory aimed at differentiating perceived power in a bully/victim relationship in a two-study four-phase structure. Phase I consisted of a literature review, construct determination, and target group identification. Data collected from focus groups, content expert reviews, and cognitive interviews determined domain definitions, and quantitative scale construction in Phase II. Phase III comprised quantitative evaluation of pilot and field administration data, by item analysis, factor analysis, principal components analysis of residuals, Rasch modeling, and Phase IV tested instrument validity. Internal consistency reliability, and construct and content validity was examined across students in grades 9-12 in an urban high school in the Rocky Mountain region of the U.S. Results supported the dimensionality, response scale use, internal consistency reliability, and validity of the BVPI. Low but acceptable person-separation reliability was found in each of the subscales. Suggestions for improvement, implications for use and future research are discussed.

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Quantitative psychology and psychometrics, Educational psychology, Mental health