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Land surveying, Parcel maps, GIS, Geospatial information




This research outlines land surveying in the State of Colorado and discusses the formation of parcel maps in the state. GIS continues to grow in various industries and government entities since it is able to best streamline copious amounts of geospatial information. Following suit, County Assessor Offices throughout the country have benefited from the use of a GIS to organize their data. The cost, implementation and maintenance of a GIS is a costly endeavor however it benefits both the County, State and the general public. County Assessor Office GIS systems have directly influenced the field of Land Surveying both positively and negatively. Now that the general public can go online in many counties to view their property, many feel that there is no need for a Land Survey despite the disclaimers attached to the County’s maps regarding accuracy. As this study shows, the accuracy of GIS parcel mapping is not as accurate as many may think. This field study shows that based on a sample of parcel shapefiles from Boulder County’s Assessor’s office accuracy is indeed lacking accuracy and precision.


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