Tim Jones

Date of Award

Spring 2013

Document Type

Capstone Project

Degree Name



GIS interoperability, Open Source, Smart Devices, Web 2.0.




This paper examines GIS interoperability with three current technology trends: Open Source, Smart Devices and Web 2.0. It firsts takes a look at both varying definitions of interoperability as well as different types of interoperability. The author samples a variety of GIS formats with examples of each of the said technologies as a way to measure the current state of GIS interoperability with current technological trends. GIS functions such as viewing, editing and analyzing spatial data are used as a scoring matrix to determine the level of interoperability. The methodology of measure focuses on a technical level of interoperability and reveals that among the three technologies studied, open source technology leads the way in interoperability with GIS. Further research confirms this but also shows that smart devices and Web 2.0 are not only also currently interoperating with GIS but actually a driving force in the development and direction of GIS interoperability.


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