Scott Jones

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Greeley, Colorado, Liquor stores, Geographical Information Systems



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Frank Orr

Second Advisor

Steven R. Hick


This document, with the use of Geographical Information Systems, will verify that statistically Greeley, Colorado does not contain more than an adequate number of liquor stores within its city limits. This document is intended to give the reader a nonbiased geographical perspective of the statistical data of Greeley, Colorado and its off-premise liquor stores: location, number, and if it should be considered over-saturated.

The definition and allotments of a liquor store licenses vary. The three licenses available are Special Event, On Premise, and Off-Premise. These can commingle. This study was concerned with the license used for sale of full-strength products? by liquor stores, also known as the Off-Premise Liquor License.

This study was conducted as a multi-level independent study using different intensities and manipulations of basic mathematical statistical techniques. The outputs from the aforementioned techniques were converted into databases, map layers and shapefiles, and then projected (combined?) to test the results. The results were then analyzed to test the hypothesis: the city of Greeley, Colorado statistically does not contain more than an adequate number of liquor stores within its city limits.

Using nearest neighbor analysis, it was determined that the hypothesis was valid and revealed that saturation issues are not present. However, due to the relatively short length of the study, it is recommended that a future study should delve more into the data. More detailed analysis and more in-depth research may be required to verify the results. The recommended further research should also include analysis of the opinions of the citizens of Greeley. This research would include questionnaires and polling to get a reasonable sampling and the participant’s thoughts. (of public opinion?)


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