Optimizing Stockpile Volumetric Reports Through a Spatial Web Portal and Analysis of Flood Risk Impacts on Inventory Management at Signal Mountain Cement Using GIS

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M.S. in Geographic Information Science

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College of Natural Science and Mathematics, Geography and the Environment


Geographic information systems, Inventory management, Mining


Inventory management allows mine sites to keep accurate records of material and track the fluctuation of finances through the distribution of stockpile materials. By surveying a mine site, quality assurance maintains consistency from month to month . Through stockpile volume reports, mine sites can determine whether their records are correctly aligned with real life stockpiles, assisting with proper inventory management. However, rainfall and floods can potentially alter an open yard stockpile’s density, allowing for hidden discrepancies. This study utilized three stockpile surveys at Signal Mountain Cement to establish a web portal prototype for volumetric reporting and offers a flood analysis to determine which stockpiles are the most at risk of volumetric differences between survey reports and site records due to increased moisture.

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