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Emergency response services, Fire department, Colorado, Geography, Geographic information systems


It is expected that both the PSAP and the responders in the field react quickly and arrive on the scene to emergency events as soon as possible. Fire agencies have been held to standards set in place reflective of where the emergency occurs and how quickly responders are expected to reach that location. Calls that experience delays in meeting these standards should be carefully examined and learned from for future events. Utilizing National Fire Protection (NFPA) population zone recommendations, population zones previously established with 2010 census data and unknown methods were recreated for Evergreen Fire Protection District. Then, utilizing SQL data stored within the Computer Aided Dispatch system, delays in response were found for the calendar 2022 year. Statistical GIS methods were applied to find clustering within the delayed responses, spatial autocorrelation, and correlation to CDOT and Jefferson County road data were analyzed. Statistical significance could not be found for either analysis and the null hypothesis’ of completely spatial randomness in clustering of delayed response and lack of correlation between pavement condition, width, or road slope was accepted. Examination of multiple Origin-Destination (OD) Cost Matrix analyses revealed complications with using the census data and predetermined, distance derived, areas alone for population zones in the mountainous road network of Evergreen, Colorado. This understanding showcases complications with the initial statistical analyses and suggests additional needs in consideration for uneven terrain road networks.

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