Environment, Health problems, Environmental hazards, Atmosphere, Government


In the name of progress or growth of industries, the business community has encouraged the coming up of the various industries using all sorts of chemicals mainly causing health problems to the human society. If any sensitive person raises any question about the health hazards that the science has brought in, the Government responds by various legislations, rules and regulations, guidelines and claims that these laws and rules would control and protect the health of the people. In this context, it should be emphasised here that every State in India is responsible for assuring and guaranteeing hygienic atmosphere and provide healthy environment for its citizens. Indiscriminate permissions to start polluting industries, not maintaining properly the sewerage system, disposal of solid waste, lack of facilities for storing the rain waters, disposal of waste and effluent, improper maintenance of rural lanes, bye-lanes and thickly populated urban areas are main reasons for creating health problem among the people. To make their living free from health hazards and create a peaceful atmosphere and thereby making our living peaceful and pleasurable and not painful and dreary. The Government must take it as its onerous responsibility by plucking into action rather than suggesting and taking without any practicable applicability. Serious steps should be taken, we cannot depend only on the law and State. People must come forward to help the Government. Let us unite to make our lives safe and peaceful by keeping our streets clean, atmosphere unpolluted so that health hazards can completely be prevented.