premature death, urbanization, sophisticated technology, modification


The contemporary environmental awareness has emerged primarily from the concerns in the late 19th century about protection of the countrysideinEuropeandthewildernessinthe United States and also from the health-issues ensuing the pollution during historic industrial revolution, took place in Britain in the 18th century. Its profound aftermaths such as climate change, urbanization, pollution and over- mining, etc. are challenging even the human existence, although there are certain benefits. It is no exaggeration to say that pollution will be a biggest cause of premature death since the estimations conclude that by 2050 there will be about 3.6 million deaths a year, most of them in China and India (OECD report). Although world leaders’ perpetual attention and solidarity on this topic, for instance the Paris agreement on 30 November 2015 on climate change, are more commendable, it has fallen by the wayside. In this research-initiative my paper would illustrate the use of sophisticated and eco-friendly technology to tackle the formidable challenges of industrial pollution. As the industrial activities areessentialforaneconomy,citizens’well-being and maintenance of employment, its complete elimination is practically beyond the bounds of possibility. Hence, one of the key methods for getting rid of these challenges in the advanced world can be attained through the technological development. My study focuses on industrial pollution and the use of advanced technologies, introduced as new industrial process or modification of existing one for reducing the impacts of the production on environment, such as accumulation of wastes, air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution, etc.