Abhith Pallegar


Electronics, Consumer, Satellite, Rocket, Cost, Innovation


The traditional flow of cutting-edge technologies observed over the last 100 years was from government supported defense space to its broader application in the civilian domain. We have seen technology flow into consumer products years after its introduction in defense applications. Most common examples of this movement were the invention and incubation of the Internet and Global Positioning System in prestigious national labs, which later trickled down to benefit millions. But there seems to be a shift in the tide of innovation where consumer market has been influential in developing a range of technologies which have flown the other way around. This article focuses on the technologies incubated in the consumer space and its push upward to disrupt other areas. We explore how innovations in the consumer electronics industry have made it costefficient and more accessible to build, launch rockets and satellites. We illustrate how new technologies can facilitate more significant involvement in the space sector by private companies and educational institutions. We explore how this shift in innovation can influence the Aerospace industry to open up unlimited possibilities for humanity.