Epidemic, Virtual classroom, Students, Higher Education, Online learning


Because of the coronavirus epidemic, faculty as well as the students have had to respond to “out of the ordinary” difficulty by quickly switching from traditional class - room education to online learning forms via “virtual classrooms”. Students facing challenges and continuing facing difficulties for various reasons required to adapt this modification in this delivery of curriculum becoming un attentive. Few solutions have been developed for students to assist them in freely transferring to virtual classrooms and maintaining proper online learning etiquette. A series of recommendations is offered in the present study to help students so that they can explore and improve their involvement in the classroom held in online or “virtual classroom”. Taking this view into account the viewpoint is that higher education is in the epicenter of this epidemic that serves a varied fraternity of students. Triggering fruitful conversation among teachers dealing with and adapting technology to render their services during this epidemic could be helpful in “re-imagining” and “re-designing” subsequent courses. It is presumed that in the aftermath of the outbreak or in the new normal, this could aid subsequent considerations to generate the superior habits and rules and regulations required to continue this “virtual classrooms”.