The New Normal: Adding Value, Managing Costs, and Participating in the Conversation – A Dean’s View

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Sturm College of Law


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A key part of my job as dean of the University of Denver Sturm College of Law is to improve value for our students. That means both improving the educational experience and making law school more affordable.

At Denver Law, we are addressing affordability by, among other things, increasing the amount of money we award in scholarships. We also recognize that one of the best ways we can save students money (and time, which is money) is to compress degree programs. Like many schools, we offer dual-degree programs that allow students to get multiple graduate degrees, such as a JD and an MBA, in a reduced time frame and for less money. But one of the strongest criticisms of legal education has been not just the length of the JD program itself (which has come under scrutiny), but the combined length of the undergraduate and JD program. Accordingly, we soon expect to offer a compressed, 6-year undergraduate and law degree, saving students a full year of tuition and time.

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