Wrongful Convictions and Their Causes: An Annotated Bibliography

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Wrongful conviction, Error, False confessions, Police, Prosecutor, Eyewitnesses, Informants, Forensic evidence

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This annotated bibliography directs attorneys to relevant, select legal periodical articles written from 2010 to date on wrongful convictions and their causes. The authors focus on five major causes that lead to wrongful convictions, as evidenced by the literature. Part I of the article focuses on resources that discuss false confessions as a cause of wrongful convictions. Part II of the article discusses resources that address the role of police and prosecutorial practices, including misconduct, in wrongful convictions. Part III provides articles on eyewitness and jailhouse informant issues related to wrongful convictions. Part IV contains articles that deal with how forensic evidence errors may lead to wrongful convictions. Part V provides miscellaneous articles in which other relevant issues related to wrongful convictions and their causes are addressed.