Scholarship created by the faculty of the University of Denver's Department of Mathematics.


Submissions from 2022


Measure-theoretically Mixing Subshifts with Low Complexity, Darren Creutz, Ronnie Pavlov, and Shaun Rodock


Local Finiteness and Automorphism Groups of Low Complexity Subshifts, Ronnie Pavlov and Scott Schmieding

Submissions from 2021


Subsystems of Transitive Subshifts with Linear Complexity, Andrew Dykstra, Nicholas Ormes, and Ronnie Pavlov


On Subshifts with Slow Forbidden Word Growth, Ronnie Pavlov

Submissions from 2020

S-duality for the Large $N=4$ Superconformal Algebra, Thomas Creutzig, Davide Gaiotto, and Andrew R. Linshaw

Submissions from 2019

Conjugacy in Inverse Semigroups, João Araújo, Michael K. Kinyon, and Janusz Konieczny

Some Aspects of (Non) functoriality of Natural Discrete Covers of Locales, Richard N. Ball, Jorge Picado, and Aleš Pultr

Optimal Power Flow With Step-voltage Regulators in Multi-phase Distribution Networks, Mohammadhafez Bazrafshan, Nikolaos Gatsis, and Hao Zhu

The Zero Forcing Polynomial of a Graph, Kirk Boyer, Boris Brimkov, Sean English, Daniela Ferrero, Ariel Keller, Rachel Kirsch, Michael Phillips, and Carolyn Reinhart

Extender Sets and Measures of Maximal Entropy for Subshifts, Felipe García‐Ramos and Ronnie Pavlov

On Rainbow-cycle-forbidding Edge Colorings of Finite Graphs, Dean Hoffman, Paul Horn, Peter Johnson, and Andrew Owens

A Spacial Gradient Estimate for Solutions to the Heat Equation on Graphs, Paul Horn

Universal Two-parameter Even Spin W∞-algebra, Shashank Kanade and Andrew R. Linshaw

Actions of Categories by Lipschitz Morphisms on Limits for the Gromov–Hausdorff Propinquity, Frédéric Latrémolière

On Controlled Specification and Uniqueness of the Equilibrium State in Expansive Systems, Ronnie Pavlov

Submissions from 2018

Decidability and Independence of Conjugacy Problems in Finitely Presented Monoids, João Araújo, Michael K. Kinyon, Janusz Konieczny, and António Malheiro

Factoring onto $ \mathbb{Z}^d$ Subshifts with the Finite Extension Property, Raimundo Briceño, Kevin McGoff, and Ronnie Pavlov

Representation Theory of $L_k(mathfrak {osp}(1 ert 2))$ from Vertex Tensor Categories and Jacobi Forms, Thomas Creutzig, Jesse Frohlich, and Shashank Kanade

Cosets, Characters and Fusion for Admissible-level osp(1|2) Minimal Models, Thomas Creutzig, Shashank Kanade, Tianshu Liu, and David Ridout

Cosets of Affine Vertex Algebras inside Larger Structures, Thomas Creutzig and Andrew R. Linshaw

Phase Transitions in Edge-weighted Exponential Random Graphs: Near-degeneracy and Universality, Ryan DeMuse, Danielle Larcomb, and Mei Yin

Neuronal-specific TUBB3 Is Not Required for Normal Neuronal Function but Is Essential for Timely Axon Regeneration, Alban Latremoliere, Long Cheng, Michelle DeLisle, Chen Wu, Sheena Chew, Elizabeth B. Hutchinson, Andrew Sheridan, Chloe Alexandre, Frederic Latremoliere, Shu-Hsien Sheu, Sara Golidy, Takao Omura, Eric A. Huebner, Yanjie Fan, Mary C. Whitman, Elaine Nguyen, Crystal Hermawan, Carlo Pierpaoli, Max A. Tischfield, Clifford J. Woolf, and Elizabeth C. Engle

T-duality of Singular Spacetime Compactifications in an H-flux, Andrew R. Linshaw and Varghese Mathai

Ground States for Exponential Random Graphs, Rajinder Mavi and Mei Yin

Bol Loops and Bruck Loops of Order pq up to Isotopism, Petr Vojtěchovský

Submissions from 2017

On the Wiener Index, Distance Cospectrality and Transmission-regular Graphs, Aida Abiad, Boris Brimkov, Aysel Erey, Lorinda Leshock, Xavier Martínez-Rivera, Suil O, Sung-Yell Song, and Jason Williford

Orbifolds and Cosets of Minimal $${\mathcal{W}}$$W-Algebras, Tomoyuki Arakawa, Thomas Creutzig, Kazuya Kawasetsu, and Andrew R. Linshaw

On the Barrier Graph of an Arrangement of Ray Sensors, Kirk Boyer, Paul Horn, and Mario A. Lopez

Strong Spatial Mixing in Homomorphism Spaces, Raimundo Bricen͂o and Ronnie Pavlov

Disjoint Borel Functions, Dan Hathaway

Adaptive Capacity to Extreme Heat: Results from a Household Survey in Houston, Texas, Mary H. Hayden, Olga V. Wilhelmi, Deborah Banerjee, Tamara Greasby, Jamie L. Cavanaugh, Vishnu Nepal, Jennifer Boehnert, Stephan Sain, Crystal Burghardt, and Stephanie Gower

Rainbow Spanning Trees in Complete Graphs Colored by One‐factorizations, Paul Horn

Volume Doubling, Poincaré Inequality and Gaussian Heat Kernel Estimate for Non-negatively Curved Graphs, Paul Horn, Yong Lin, Shuang Liu, and Shing-Tung Yau

Weighted Entropy and Optimal Portfolios for Risk-averse Kelly Investments, M. Kelbert, I. Stuhl, and Y. Suhov

Noncommutative Solenoids and the Gromov-Hausdorff Propinquity, Frédéric Latrémolière and Judith Packer

Error Estimates for Gaussian Beam Methods Applied to Symmetric Strictly Hyperbolic Systems, Hailiang Liu and Maksym Pryporov

Submissions from 2016

Representation and Poly-time Approximation for Pressure of Z2 Lattice Models in the Non-uniqueness Region, Stefan Adams, Raimundo Briceño, Brian Marcus, and Ronnie Pavlov

Graphs with Many Strong Orientations, Sinan Aksoy and Paul Horn

Voronoi Maps: An Approach to Individual-based Environmental Exposure Estimation, Wan D. Bae, Shayma Alkobaisi, Wade Meyers, Sada Narayanappa, and Petr Vojtěchovský

Edge-disjoint Rainbow Spanning Trees in Complete Graphs, James M. Carraher, Stephen G. Hartke, and Paul Horn

Color-blind Index in Graphs of Very Low Degree, Jennifer Diemunsch, Nathan Graber, Lucas Kramer, Victor Larsen, Lauren M. Nelsen, Luke L. Nelsen, Devon Sigler, Derrick Stolee, and Charlie Suer

A Bayesian Framework for the Classification of Microbial Gene Activity States, Craig Disselkoen, Brian Greco, Kaitlyn Cook, Kristin Koch, Reginald Lerebours, Chase Viss, Joshua Cape, Elizabeth Held, Yonatan Ashenafi, Karen Fischer, Allyson Acosta, Mark Cunningham, Aaron A. Best, Matthew DeJongh, and Nathan Tintle

Creature Forcing and Topological Ramsey Spaces, Natasha Dobrinen

Rainbow Ramsey Simple Structures, Natasha Dobrinen, Claude Laflamme, and Norbert Sauer

Modules over Quantaloids: Applications to the Isomorphism Problem in Algebraic Logic and π-institutions, Nikolaos Galatos and José Gil-Férez

Proof Theory for Lattice-ordered Groups, Nikolaos Galatos and George Metcalfe

Isomorphic Edge Disjoint Subgraphs of Hypergraphs, Paul Horn, Václav Koubek, and Vojtěch Rödl

Distributive and Trimedial Quasigroups of Order 243, Přemysl Jedlička, David Stanovský, and Petr Vojtěchovský

Bol Loops and Bruck Loops of Order $pq, Michael K. Kinyon, Gábor P. Nagy, and Petr Vojtěchovský

Sylow Theory for Quasigroups II: Sectional Action, Michael K. Kinyon, Jonathan D. H. Smith, and Petr Vojtěchovský

Code Loops in Dimension at Most 8, E. A. O'Brien and Petr Vojtěchovský

On Intrinsic Ergodicity and Weakenings of the Specification Property, Ronnie Pavlov

A Detailed Investigation into Near Degenerate Exponential Random Graphs, Mei Yin

Reciprocity in Directed Networks, Mei Yin and Lingjiong Zhu

Submissions from 2015

Topological Ramsey Spaces and Metrically Baire Sets, Natasha Dobrinen and José G. Mijares

Connected Quandles and Transitive Groups, Alexander Hulpke, David Stanovský, and Petr Vojtěchovský

The Structure of the Kac–Wang–Yan Algebra, Andrew R. Linshaw