Isomorphic Edge Disjoint Subgraphs of Hypergraphs

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College of Natural Science and Mathematics, Mathematics


Subgraphs, Isomorphisms, Self‐similarity, Uniform hypergraphs


We show that any k‐uniform hypergraph with n edges contains two isomorphic edge disjoint subgraphs of size for k = 4, 5 and 6. This is best possible up to a logarithmic factor due to an upper bound construction of Erdős, Pach, and Pyber who show there exist k‐uniform hypergraphs with n edges and with no two edge disjoint isomorphic subgraphs with size larger than . Furthermore, our result extends results Erdős, Pach and Pyber who also established the lower bound for k = 2 (eg. for graphs), and of Gould and Rödl who established the result for k = 3.

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