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Masters in Piano Pedagogy



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Chee-Hwa Tan

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Ellwood Colahan

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Steven Mayer


Chautauqua, lyceum, Adult education, Piano


The lyceum and chautauqua movements reveal how adults in the United States have been interested in continuing their education since 1826. These two general educational movements provided continuing education for adults in all walks of life. Developing an awareness of past and present paradigms in adult education can provide a road map for piano teachers to better relate to adult students who continuously desire the following benefits: accessibility to education, fulfilling musical experiences and improved mental and psychological health. While adults who enroll in group music lessons may not be traditional, adolescent students, they are an important part of today's educational demographics. This paper examines the lyceum and chautauqua movements and draws conclusions concerning the motivations behind adults of the past furthering their education and today's adults who are pursuing group music instruction. The information provided for group piano instruction is intended to equip music teachers with insight of current tools available to aid students in their piano studies. By studying these trends, keyboard teachers will gain clearer insight into the needs and desires of adult learners and engage with the often unreached market of adult students.

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