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Johnathan Leathwood


Anatomy, Pyschoacoustics, Bone conduction, Vibration, Frequency, Quantum physics, Resonance, Music therapy, Neuroscience, Acoustics, Neurofeedback, Sonification, Sensory deprivation, Neuroplasticity


Throughout human history, music has served as a powerful tool for healing, often associated with cultural ceremony, ritual and meditation. The emergence of the Music Therapy profession in the 20th century continues to utilize the medicinal effects of music as an aid in treating psychological and physical ailments. Advanced research methods now allow us to study the brain and nervous system alongside the acoustics of music to discover principles for meaningfully applying music as therapy. How can musicians apply these principles, through practice, performance, programming, and teaching, to reach larger audiences - reaching more than the typical single-person audience of a psychotherapy session?

We can begin to understand the measurable connection between music and the human ‘spirit’ through the lens of quantum physics. Attempts to explain the extraordinary phenomena of energy and matter in the universe through scientific calculations provides valuable insight into how music can interact with our physical and energetic bodies. Combining research in the fields of psychoacoustics, neuroscience, music therapy, anatomy and quantum physics with ancient wisdom of the human spirit and energy pathways in the body, musicians can make informed decisions about how to practice, how to perform, how to program for various needs of their audiences, and how to holistically meet the needs of their students.

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