Submissions from 2018


Declining Versus Increasing Access to American Aviation Technology: Syria and Saudi Arabia in the 20th Century, Andrea L. Stanton


Locating Palestine’s Summer Residence: Mandate Tourism and National Identity, Andrea L. Stanton

The Search for a Young Imam Begins Now: Imam Muda and Civilizational Islam in Malaysia, Andrea L. Stanton

Submissions from 2016


Who Heard What When: Learning from Radio Broadcasting Hours and Programs in Jerusalem, Andrea L. Stanton

Introduction: Bringing Sound into Middle East Studies, Andrea L. Stanton and G. Carole Woodall

Submissions from 2015

Broadcasting a Nationalist Modernity: Arabic Programming on the Palestine Broadcasting Service Under Ajaj Nuwaihid (1940–1943), Andrea L. Stanton

Celebrating Muhammad's Birthday in the Middle East: Supporting or Complicating Muslim Identity Projects?, Andrea L. Stanton

Submissions from 2014

Islamic Emoticons: Pious Sociability and Community Building in Online Muslim Communities, Andrea L. Stanton


Syria and the Olympics: National Identity on an International Stage, Andrea L. Stanton

The Message: From Radical Terror to "Old but Good", Andrea L. Stanton

Submissions from 2013


Part of Imperial Communications: British-Governed Radio in the Middle East, 1934–1949, Andrea L. Stanton

This Is Jerusalem Calling: State Radio in Mandate Palestine, Andrea L. Stanton

Submissions from 2012

Cultural Sociology of the Middle East, Asia, and Africa: An Encyclopedia, Andrea L. Stanton


Integrating Community Engagement and Service Learning into an MA Program, Andrea L. Stanton

Submissions from 2011


The Changing Face of El Moudjahid During the Algerian War of Independence, Andrea L. Stanton