Scholarship created by the faculty of the University of Denver's Department of Sociology and Criminology.


Submissions from 2018

A Controlled Trial of Mobile Short Message Service among Participants in a Rural Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Program, Maria Odette Gore, Mori J. Krantz, Karen Albright, Brenda Beaty, Stephanie Coronel-Mockler, Sheana Bull, and Raymond O. Estacio

Social Media Vaccine Websites: A Comparative Analysis of Public and Moderated Websites, Jo Ann Shoup, Komal J. Narwaney, Nicole M. Wagner, Courtney R. Kraus, Kathy S. Gleason, Karen Albright, and Jason M. Glanz

The Effect of Concealed Carry Weapons Laws on Firearm Sales, Trent Steidley

Submissions from 2017

Noninitiation and Noncompletion of HPV Vaccine Among English- and Spanish-speaking Parents of Adolescent Girls: a Qualitative Study, Karen Albright, Juliana Barnard, Sean T. O'Leary, Steven Lockhart, Andrea Jimenez-Zambrano, Shannon Stokley, Amanda Dempsey, and Allison Kempe

Attitudes about Adult Vaccines and Reminder/recall in a Safety Net Population, Karen Albright, Laura P. Hurley, Steven Lockhart, Dennis Gurfinkel, Brenda Beaty, L. Miriam Dickinson, Anne Libby, and Allison Kempe

Neglected, Protected, Ejected: Latin American Women Caught by Crimmigration, Katie Dingeman, Yekaterina Arzhayev, Cristy Ayala, Erika Bermudez, Lauren Padama, and Liliana Tena-Chávez

Using Community Engagement to Develop a Web-based Intervention for Latinos about the HPV Vaccine, Julie A. Maertens, Andrea M. Jimenez-Zambrano, Karen Albright, and Amanda F. Dempsey

Submissions from 2016

Seeking and Sharing: Why the Pulmonary Fibrosis Community Engages the Web 2.0 Environment, Karen Albright, Tarik Walker, Susan Baird, Linda Eres, Tara Farnsworth, Kaitlin Fier, Dolly Kervitsky, Marjorie Korn, David J. Lederer, Mark McCormick, John F. Steiner, Thomas Vierzba, Frederick S. Wamboldt, and Jeffrey J. Swigris

The Diversity of Decarceration: Examining First-year County Realignment Spending in California, Jeffrey L. Lin

Running the Gauntlet: Understanding Commercial Sexual Exploitation and the Pathways Perspective to Female Offending, Lisa Pasko and Meda Chesney-Lind