Scholarship created by the faculty of the University of Denver's Department of Early Childhood Special Education.


Submissions from 2019

A State System Framework for High-Quality Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education, Christina Kasprzak, Kathleen Hebbeler, Donna Spiker, Katy McCullough, Anne Lucas, Sharon Walsh, Judy Swett, Barbara J. Smith, Grace Kelley, Kathy T. Whaley, Lynda Pletcher, Debbie Cate, Mary Peters, Betsy C. Ayankoya, and Mary Beth Bruder

Submissions from 2016

The NIH Toolbox Cognitive Battery for Intellectual Disabilities: Three Preliminary Studies and Future Directions, David Hessl, Stephanie M. Sansone, Elizabeth Berry-Kravis, K. Riley, Keith F. Widaman, Leonard Abbeduto, Andrea Schneider, Jeanine Coleman, Dena Oaklander, Kelly C. Rhodes, and Richard C. Gershon