Negotiation Training for Women in Government

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Capstone Project


Applied Communication

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Organiz & Prof Communication


Karen Morales


Communication, Gender gap, Government, Leadership, Locus of control, Negotiation, Organizational communication, Training, Women


This study surveyed women in government about negotiation; respondents said negotiation skills are necessary for career advancement yet most do not report being skilled negotiators. Negotiation training for women in government was developed to increase negotiating confidence and skill level. Government employees may advance more rapidly by negotiating for promotions, bonuses, and assignments. The pay and leadership gap for women in the work place can be attributed in part to women's reluctance to negotiate for better pay and promotions. Locus of control and gender stereotypes feed into women's reluctance to negotiate. The training addresses women as adult learners and whole people and encourages them to set goals and use negotiation in the broader context of achieving life goals.

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