Denver Public Schools' Restorative Justice Program: Suggested Changes for Enhancement and Expansion

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Capstone Project


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Master of Professional Studies


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Myra Isenhart


alternative dispute resolution; denver public schools; restorative justice


Restorative justice is a philosophy adopted by many juvenile justice systems across the country and a few school districts also created restorative justice programs as a way to offer alternatives to suspension and expulsion of students with disciplinary issues. Denver Public Schools (DPS) is one such district that has implemented restorative justice into its discipline policy and has full-time programs in seven of its schools. Through interviews with the program coordinators and director, this paper outlines how the current program operates and suggests ways that the program can be enhanced and expanded: alter restorative coordinators' role, make school staff restorative interventionists, mandate restorative justice training of school staff, and provide restorative justice training and reference materials.

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