The Importance of Integrating Social Media into the Traditional Marketing Mix

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Capstone Project


Applied Communication

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Master of Professional Studies


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Lora Louise Broady


Communications, Integrated marketing, Marketing, Social media, Social media marketing, Traditional marketing


The current social media craze is not a fad; social media is becoming an increasingly important aspect of the overall marketing strategies for business marketers. When integrated into a businesses marketing plan, social media provides businesses with a convenient and cost-effective marketing tool that is essential in achieving the organization's business goals. Social media platforms also allow marketers to connect instantaneously with consumers by establishing real-time, two-way communication which builds a vital sense of community with its stakeholders. Businesses are being forced to adapt to this new marketing strategy, and those that are resisting the change into social media marketing risk disenfranchising their key constituents because consumers are coming to expect this real-time communication.

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