Improving Communicative Satisfaction Between Instructors and Their Students in Online Courses

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Capstone Project


Applied Communication

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Master of Professional Studies


Organiz & Prof Communication


Amy Kelsall


Higher education, Interpersonal communication, Online, Communication, Courses, Education, Instructor communication, Online student communication


As higher education continues to expand their online programs the demand for technology that provides more flexibility, efficiency, and user ability coupled with developing sources for creating, maintaining, and teaching online courses have been its primary focus. Social scholars studying online teaching have published a plethora of information addressing different aspects of teaching online and effective teaching strategies for instructors. Unfortunately, less attention has been paid concerning the aspects of online communication, specifically between instructors and their students. This is a qualitative study of the communication between instructors and their students, and the inherent challenges that instructors must overcome within asynchronous communication, including the absence of nonverbal cues and the struggle in attempting to normalize the online environment.

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