The Effects of Campaign Brand Development and Messaging Strategy on Political Consumers in the United States

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Capstone Project


Organiz. & Prof. Communication

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Master of Professional Studies


Organiz & Prof Communication


Karen Morales


Branding, Communications, Consumer branding, Design, Marketing, Political branding, Political marketing, Politics, Voters


The United States republican system of government relies upon the engagement and judgment of the voting public to elect representative leadership to both local and national positions. As the American society becomes increasingly brand-savvy, the branding and communication practices that drive success in consumer markets have become progressively more influential in electoral politics. As a result, there are commonalities between the consumer branding process and that used in political campaigns. This study seeks to identify these common elements in order to understand their effect on political campaign strategy and voter behavior. The information gained through this review will serve to inform an educational guide to campaign branding tactics, thereby enhancing the political literacy of the American voter.

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