Examining Biblical Exegesis as Ethical Hindrances to Human Flourishing in Post-Industrial Society

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Capstone Project


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Master of Professional Studies


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Steven Reiquam


Bible, Biblionormalization, Culture, Ethics, Euthyphro, Exegesis, Human flourishing, Morality, Zeitgeist


The Bible is commonly revered as an enduring authority on ethics and morality. Nonetheless, the Bible is a pastiche of fragments constructed over generations and interpreted millennia later by civilizations facing unprecedented global crises and radically different social and ethical standards. This study draws upon nearly one decade of research, numerous scholarly journals, and interviews with experts in five fields: ethics, theology, philosophy, evolutionary biology, and psychology. Undoubtedly, ethical and cultural zeitgeists have shifted since the writing of the Bible. Notably, verses that extol serving the underprivileged are still referenced today, yet disturbing verses condoning deplorable acts are selectively disregarded. This paper will make recommendations about how best to explore Biblical exegesis of the unified text cogently in post-industrial society.

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