We Are the News: Should Journalistic Ethics Be Integrated into Public School Curricula?

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Capstone Project


Organiz. & Prof. Communication

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Master of Professional Studies


Organiz & Prof Communication


Lora Louise Broady


Communications, Education, Ethics, Instructional design, Journalism, Media, Technology


New technology changes how the general public interacts with mass media. Citizens of a democratic society are now contributors to journalism instead of simply consumers. Traditional journalism, however, founds itself upon a code of ethics that guide decisions related to news accuracy, independence of action, prevention of harm, and assumption of responsibility. This capstone proposes that the public does not share this same ethical framework, despite their participatory role in the media ecosystem, and researches ethical disparities between professional journalists and the general public. Results conclude that significant differences do exist between professional journalists and non-journalists. Public education may help close this gap; therefore, this capstone also includes an instructional design document to be freely distributed to educators.

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