Legalization of Medical Marijuana: Creating Common Ground for Users and Non-Users Co-Existing in Multi-Family Dwellings

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Capstone Project


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Master of Professional Studies


Organiz & Prof Communication


Myra Isenhart


Legalization of medical marijuana, Marijuana, Marijuana and multi-family dwellings, Medical marijuana


Colorado lawmakers did not foresee the unintended consequences associated with legalizing medical marijuana in 2000. Law enforcement agents, leasing managers, medical marijuana dispensary owners and employees have found themselves participating in heated debates and intense conversations on the subject. Supporters of the legislation generally agree that a primary benefit of marijuana use is pain relief and improved lifestyles for those suffering from physical illnesses. Opponents tend to focus on education about risks associated with the legalization of medical marijuana. The extent of the conflict developing from trying to maintain equal rights for users and non-users is uncertain. This study utilizes surveys and interview tools to explore options that could balance the interests of various groups associated with multi-family dwellings.

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